Just A Walk

Just A Walk

“Five women set off walking home alone and all they want is to arrive back safely. But how can you tell if the person behind you is an ally or a threat?”

Just A Walk is a new short film by female Scottish filmmakers Isobella Hubbard and Lila Clements. It follows the journey of five individual women who set off walking home alone and  begin to experience the presence of unwanted company behind them. Hearing their innermost thoughts on fight or flight, self-defense, fake phone calls and keys used as a weapon, we follow each woman towards an unexpected final destination.

At a time when women’s safety is tragically in the public eye, we want to share an insight into what goes through the mind of every single woman who has walked home alone, whether she is: in the city or the countryside, walking in the day or at night, wearing a tracksuit or a mini skirt, listening to music or in silence.

71% of all women of all ages in the UK have experienced some form of sexual harassment in a public space.” (Ref UN Women). 

Just A Walk will be Lila and Isobella’s first short film collaboration as a writer director team. It explores the themes of gender politics, power abuse and societal expectations, which we’re certain will resonate with the world at large on a local and Global level. This film speaks to anyone who’s ever felt in danger while walking home on their own.

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